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11:30pm 05/02: Most instances were stopped as budget has ended

06:00pm 04/15: Migrated challenge servers to smaller instances

03:00pm 04/15: CTF Finished! Check the Scoreboard

06:30am 04/15: Fixed vault challenge

03:00am 04/15: Added feedback challenge

10:00pm 04/14: Added Dance challenge

7:00pm 04/14: Added a second server for Forker.4

4:50pm 04/14: Added Kittens challenge

12:00pm 04/14: Added hint for Discord

12:00pm 04/14: Retarted Forker.1

04:04am 04/14: Added Big Guy challenge

02:30am 04/14: Added hint for Forker.1

01:30am 04/14: Added Forker.4 challenge

12:30am 04/14: Adjusted window hint

11:59pm 04/13: Added hints on window, sneakers, and jay-peg

9:26pm 04/13: Adjusted window hint

9:24pm 04/13: Adjusted jay-peg point value

9:14pm 04/13: Added vault challenge

6:11pm 04/13: Added hint for window

5:08pm 04/13: Added Get A Job challenge!

2:00pm 04/13: Sponsored by Everquote!